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Confronting the Real Risks of Mold in Consumer Homes

In April of 2013, a mother rushed her toddler to the hospital in severe respiratory distress. They quickly discovered that the source of the childs difficulty breathing was directly caused by the presence of toxic mold in the family home.

The family then called


To reach the leading mold remediation service.

The child was put on oxygen, treated and observed for some time before being released not to go home, of course, but to enjoy some time in a motel with his parents as they addressed the serious issue of black toxic mold in their home.

In this case, the parents and the child were not only lucky that he received prompt medical attention, possibly saving his life, but were also blessed to have an answer as to what was happening to their child.


However, for many people who are affected by mold exposure, this is not the case

Thousands will be treated for mold related illnesses without every knowing that mold was the culprit behind their distress.

After a mold inspection and mold testing, the family discovered, to their complete shock and amazement, that the vast majority of their sons bedroom walls were hiding a disturbing amount of black mold, certainly enough to explain his symptoms.

One way in which the family was fairly unfortunate, however is that the mold was hidden from them; and without ever taking notice of any strange smell or discoloration, they had no idea that they were subjecting their home and their family to so much harm.

When mold is not addressed quickly, the damage grows worse until it is hardly conceivable to fix it, instead of simply replacing structures or moving to a new home altogether.

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Choosing to save their home cost such a significant amount of money that they will not soon forget the importance of recognizing the signs of mold in the future.

Signs that youve Got Mold:

-Visible discoloration of surfaces (walls, furniture, ceilings, etc.)-

-Visible fuzzy spots on surfaces-

-Visible slimy spots on surfaces-

-An invisible source of a smell you cant target (a musty smell)-

-Allergic reactions without an apparent cause-

-Inability to get an unidentified smell out of a bathroom, kitchen or basement-

What Should You Do?

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What Will We Do?

-Thorough Inspection for Mold-

-State of the Art Mold Testing Techniques-

-Removal of All Traces of Mold-

-Cleaning and Sanitation Services at a High Standard-

-Mold Remediation Services (repairs, restoration, halting progress of damage)-

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Ask Shannon:

I actually called someone else, first; and definitely regretted it. By that point, after seeing all that the other company left behind, I was anxious about trying another service, half expecting to end up paying once more for the same results. I was wrong, though. They showed up fast, explained what they were doing and what could be done from there. When they left, I kept checking to make sure that everything was still fine, and I never had any issues since then. This is absolutely the best company to call for mold testing and remediation services. Shannon

Our services are guaranteed: If we leave your home and you find something we missed, well come right back to take care of it, without extra charge and without making you wait!

Dont let mold endanger yourself, your home or your loved ones!

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How To Handle Mold In Your Home

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Hiring Professional Mold Testing and Mold Removal Companies

Many homeowners and potential home buyers hire professional mold testing companies run by certified environmental professionals. Their services typically provide inspection, testing and removal of all mold colonies from homes and other buildings. Usually, the trained technician is a certified mold inspector, and a contractor specializing in mold remediation.

Potential home buyers typically have indoor air quality testing performed in the house before completing the home buying transaction. If mold is detected, an insured and fully certified mold remediation contractor can remove the growing colony. A mold removal company will use the best equipment and proven effective industrial grade chemicals to ensure that the mold has been eradicated from the home.

Mold Testing

Mold testing involves an investigative process, because mold colonies are not easily detectable and often hides from plain view. The technician will look for any obvious signs of mold, and you professional equipment to detect growing colonies behind walls, under flooring, in the attic, basement, or damp areas of the home including the kitchen and bathroom.

Often times, it requires bulk testing, where portions of drywall and insulation along with other building surfaces are removed and tested in a lab. Some technicians during the mold testing process use lift tape, a process quite similar to lifting fingerprints, where the mold can be lifted from furniture, building materials and surfaces throughout the house.

Finally, the mold testing specialists will use a swab test, where samplings are taken throughout the house, and then sent to the laboratory for complete analysis. This type of testing can help determine if mold is present, and its species.

In most incidences, completion of testing with results usually takes a minimum of 6 to 9 days. When mold is located in the home, the laboratory reports typically involve remediation protocols, to help the technicians use the best remedies for eradicating large colonies of mold in the house.

Homeowners that have received a positive report indicating that mold is present in the house needs to hire the skills of experienced mold removal technicians. The team will use professional equipment to ensure their safety, and every member of the household while removing the mold from indoors.

It is always important to use a professional team of specialists that have been IICRC certified in mold remediation. They will use the best-proven methods and industrial grade chemicals for treating the affected area to minimize any potential future outbreak of mold colonies.